Principal's Desk

Never has the need been greater than today, for educational institutions to be beacons for the youth to ascertain what is right for them and grow into responsive humans and responsible citizens of the world. The world is dynamic and changes are imminent although they are unpredictable. There is confusion when it comes to sustaining traditional values while moving outside one’s own boundaries in pursuance of goals . A learner must study globally to stand up and face the world, but he must not forget his own roots. All we can say is that the future is bound to be very different from the present as there is nothing more certain than change.

In a conventional school, the students are taught to read, write and understand and do some arithmetic. On the contrary, at Umanath Singh Higher Secondary School, every student in the context of an individual is taught much more. Every child learns more about life skills, ethics, and so on. It should be admitted by one all that all these are required to lead a better and responsible life. We recognize that jaunpur is the destination of choice for students opting to invest in time studying in a CBSE school. Even with the rising fees across the education sector, there is still a considerable body of evidence to suggest that Umanath Singh Higher Secondary School remains one of the favourite destinations. We realize that we have the responsibility of carving out elegant citizens from the children entrusted to us. At Umanath ,we aim at bringing a paradigm shift from the examination centred learning to holistic education.

Dr Bruno Dominic Nazareth